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Think about learning and education with all the new tools that are being built. We are on the cusp of the acceleration of that and it is almost overwhelmingly good.”

Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman, Google, USA 2015

"Jeans and education are undeniably the social equalisers in the world today"
Education opens doors, improves lives and ultimately provides the step change needed to build vibrant and successful societies.

"Lack of education is the perfect expression of an imperfect society"
Sandeep Sharma , Chief Executive,

 What do we do?

We make online EDUCATION and LEARNING accessible which is FREE at the point of entry.

It is online education without barriers – multilingual portal, with particular emphasis to provide vocational education and learning for the16+ age group in emerging markets.

  • Learn skills,
  • Improve lives,
  • Achieve ambitions and
  • Realise full potential.



  • Connect with like-minded people;
  • Learn together,
  • Peer to peer support,
  • Group learning and
  • Enhanced social interaction to support education and learning
  • Lifelong friendships 

Learning in your own time and your own pace

  • A wide variety of relevant content
  • See how you are progressing
  • Compare progression to others learning the same course
  • Live and prerecorded courses
  • Register and be part of "virtual lectures theatres."
  • And more...

How we do it?

We deploy innovative technologies and tools to assist teachers and authors in creating and publishing interactive content, teaching and learning material.

(If you can use a browser you can use our tools)

For the attention of content providers:

If you are a producer of educational content and would like to be represented by your name or have your domain please, contact us, and we will make it happen.

For the attention of investors:

If you want to invest in online education in some of the fastest growing emerging markets and make a difference, please contact us.

We are actively seeking investors.


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