About us

We are a socially minded set of individuals and a team that has worked in several domains during our lifetime.

From starting up greenfield companies to working for some of the most significant enterprises on the planet.

We are energetic, socially inclined and are excited to bring Intellectin.com to the forefront of Ed Tech.

We have a passion for innovation and bringing disruptive technology where we think it is most needed and positively impacts the masses.

We work and operate in emerging markets, where education is currently only for those who can afford it, but most needed by the majority.

It is the only route for most to positively impact their lives and the lives of others who depend upon them.

Education does not mean a university degree but basic knowledge to learn skills that improve lives, empower and encourage young and old to achieve their ambitions. If IntellectIn.com can be the catalyst, then we have succeeded in our mission - Globally!

                                                      Education free at the point of access for everyone

                                         Access to Education : Lifelong Learning : Supportive Network